CANCELED: Guta Galli and Anne Lesley Selcer: The Mouth Is Still a Wild Door

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Programmed by Alix Blevins

As part of a series of collaborations around her book of poetry Sun Cycle, Anne Lelsey Selcer teams with artist Guta Galli on a new performance piece, The Mouth Is Still a Wild Door. Inside a space of tactility, language, and ritual, Selcer and Galli explore enclosure and its opposite. “Ellendale, Crimson, Crimson Sweet / medicines reformulated into perfumes”—Selcer’s poem is composed from language in Caliban and the Witch, Silvia Federici’s history of capitalism and patriarchy, and from a massive grocery store list of produce, which threads together the images, gestures, and energies of the performance.

The Mouth Is Still a Wild Door is backgrounded by Galli’s video performance The Minotaur and Us—wherein pairs of women play with, fight over, enclose or enwrap each other and themselves in a gigantic mass of red yarn—and Lygia Clark’s Baba Antropofágica, in which performers unwind spools of thread hidden inside their mouths to enclose another performer’s body.